Clefnotes Music Studio

Voice and Piano lessons

     Discover the joy of learning to play the piano or learning to sing.  I offer an array of options to get you on your way to a rewarding experience in music.  Choose from 45-minute lessons to an hour.  I take elementary age students thru adults.  Check out my policy page to get all the information you need to get started with your lessons. 

     There is a wealth of evidence that indicates that music lessons offer children intellectual benefits.  This can put them ahead of others who do not participate in music education.  There are indications of higher grades and IQ scores, lower incidence of misbehavior, and higher level reading skills.  The current television programming shows a resurgence in recent years of a renewed interest in the benefits of music training.  Shows like American Idol, The Voice, are just a few.  But watching television and just listening to music aren't enough to gain the benefits of music.  You have to be involved in the education process to see the results. 

     Success in school is one of the easiest-measured gains of music participation.  Children participating in piano keyboard and math software demonstrated an improvement in math skills.  Other studies show music participants receiving more A's than B's than non-music students.  Higher SAT scores are another benefit to studying music.  Studies also show that students participating in music tend to avoid substance abuse such as tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. 

     All in all music education helps create a well-rounded student who becomes a well-rounded adult.  It can also serve as an entryway to new careers, relationships, or business ventures.  Since music is a worldwide language, the opportunities music provides are global.  Music should be encouraged both at school and at home from participation in band and/or chorus to individual music instruction.

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Kim Gant, Instructor